Pump and Compressor Bearings

Pumps and compressors are used for a wide variety of industries. Regardless of the application, pumps and compressors need to operate effectively with little maintenance cost to be an effective solution.

High-quality bearings help pumps and compressors operate efficiently throughout years of heavy use. Ritbearing is a premier bearing supplier that partners with manufacturers around the globe to provide you with the right parts for your pumps and compressors.

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Ritbearing can provide you with the right ball and roller bearings for your pumps to help them keep running efficiently

WHIch types of bearings are used in pumps and compressors?

Angular Contact Bearings

  • Support tilting movement
  • Many tolerance options available
  • Can accept combined loads

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

  • Available in single row, double row or multi-row
  • Can handle very high radial loads
  • Can accept relatively higher speeds than other bearing styles

Needle Roller Bearings

  • High load carrying capacity
  • Wide selection of styles
  • Withstands oscillation with greater rigidity


  • Resistant to rust
  • Can handle applications without the use of grease or oil
  • Resist chemical changes
  • Do not conduct electricity

Radial Ball Bearings

  • Effective in contaminated environments
  • Can handle high speed operations
  • Good for high precision applications

Spherical Roller Bearings

  • Self-aligning
  • Optimal for low to medium speeds
  • Deviations in shaft misalignment are more easily accepted

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

  • Suitable for heavy loads in extreme applications
  • High axial load carrying capability in combination with radial loads
  • Can accommodate misalignment

Tapered Roller Bearings

  • Accept both radial and thrust loads
  • Can be supplied with thru hardened material
  • Recommended for demanding operation applications

Bearing selection for pumps and compressors

Your pumps and compressors need the best bearing supplies to stay efficient. No matter your pump and compressor applications, Ritbearing can work with you to find a proper bearing solution.

Irrigation Pumps

  • Radial ball bearings

Oxygen Compressors

  • Radial ball bearings

Compressor Drives

  • Double row angular contact ball bearings

Vacuum Pumps

  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Radial ball bearings

High Flow Pumps

  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Angular contact bearings

Helical Gear Pumps

  • Radial ball bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings

Manufacturing Compressors

  • Needle roller bearings
  • Radial ball bearings

Vertical Deep Well Pumps

  • Spherical thrust roller bearings

Ritbearing provides businesses with high-quality bearings for pumps and compressors. Here are the manufacturers we work with to bring you the best in pump and compressor bearing supplies:


NKE - Austria

  • Double row angular contact bearings
  • Cylindrical bearings

ORS - Turkey

  • Radial ball bearings

RCBD - China

  • Radial ball bearings
  • Angular contact bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings

RKB - Switzerland

  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Spherical thrust roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings

SMT - Japan

  • Double Row Radial angular contact bearings

TPI - Taiwan

  • Radial ball bearings

URB - Romania

  • Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings

Kashima - Japan

  • Plastic bearings made in a variety of plastic materials
  • Radial, Thrust, Angular Contact types
  • Self-Aligning, Miniature, Plain and Custom types available