Tapered Roller Bearings

Ritbearing offers a full range of tapered roller bearings which are recommended for use in demanding operation applications. In these instances, tapered roller bearings may enhance overall product performance. Tapered bearings are able to accept both radial and thrust loads and can accept some tilting movements.

Common models of tapered roller bearings include: 30200 Series, 30300 Series, 31300 Series, 31300DF Series, 32200DF Series, 32000 Series, 32200 Series, 32300 Series, 33100 Series, 33200 Series, and Inch Series.

In addition to standard options, custom tapered roller bearings are available. Our experts can work with you to identify the exact needs of your application and custom engineer a solution that’s right for your design needs.


We work closely with the following manufacturers to help find the tapered roller bearings for your specific project. Learn more about each member of our tapered roller bearing manufacturer network.

Features & Specs


Our tapered roller bearings come with many beneficial features:

  • Separable in design for single row tapered roller bearings
  • The load placed upon a tapered roller bearing is transferred at the contact angle
  • Product can be supplied with thru hardened material. In special cases, case carburized product can be supplied


  • Common angles of tapered roller bearings are between 10 – 16 degrees (Some taper designs can be supplied with an angle of 30 degrees)
  • Products are produced in normal tolerance class (PN)
  • Cage material is made from pressed steel


Tapered roller bearings can be used for a number of applications across many markets, including: