With the right bearing distributor, you never have to settle for your parts. At Ritbearing, we partner with bearing manufacturers across the globe to find which ones offer the best solutions for a wide variety of needs, whether you have specific performance requirements or need a range of options at a certain price point. That search for the right solutions is a big reason why we provide RKB bearings for our customers.


RKB is a Swiss manufacturing organization that started operations back in 1936. While based in Switzerland, this manufacturer provides parts for companies all over the world, distributing quality parts to more than 50 countries. RKB produces more than 350 tons of machined steel each month, part of which is made up of 1,200 different value-added technological bearings. Those types of bearings include:


Over the years, RKB has developed a reputation for the quality of its technological bearings, especially those designed for heavy duty machines and equipment. That makes them a potential match for applications in a variety of industries, such as the following:

Another advantage of RKB is that the manufacturing process is fast and flexible for those who need short turnaround times or customized parts. Thanks to a stock availability and a vertically integrated setup that allows for extra control during production, RKB can quickly manufacture quality bearings in a timely fashion for your applications.


If you’re in a heavy-duty industry, RKB may be the right fit for your applications. As the primary importer of the RKB brand in the U.S., our experts can help you identify the right bearings for your exact needs, whether your design requires a standard option or a custom-engineered bearing.

If you’re in need of quality bearings, Ritbearing can help you find the right solution for your performance needs and budget. Contact us to work with one of our experts today.