Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Bearings

Ongoing technological advancements have led to more semiconductors in the market. That equipment in turn needs quality bearing supplies that allow applications to operate quickly and efficiently, without any chance of corroding or otherwise damaging the semiconductors. Because of the need for good bearing products, Ritbearing offers a variety of semiconductor bearing supplies for a variety of industries, including:

  • Communications Technology – smartphones, wireless networks, etc.
  • Computers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Industrial/Medical
  • Government & Military

Every type of manufacturing equipment is different, so it’s important to find the right bearing products for your semiconductor manufacturing applications. We can help you find bearings that best suit your applications so that they operate effectively. Learn more about our semiconductor bearings options and request a quote today for the bearing supplies your semiconductor manufacturing equipment needs to succeed.


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Image of a semiconductor. Ritbearing supplies businesses with semiconductor manufacturing equipment bearings.

Like many markets, semiconductor manufacturing has strict requirements for the parts used in semiconductor applications. Bearing solutions for the semiconductor market often require a mix of high-speed, precision, and corrosion-resistance capabilities. Ritbearing provides businesses with the following types of SME (Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment) bearings for these applications.

Crossed Roller Bearings

  • High load capacity within a light and compact design
  • High rigidity
  • Easy to handle and install

Double Row Bearings

  • Greater load carrying capacity than single row options
  • Handle both axial and radial loads
  • Feature deep raceways

Mini Cam Followers

  • Smaller size allows for use in tighter spaces
  • Handles intermittent shock and heavier loads
  • Available in standard and special dimensions

Plastic Bearings

  • Resistant to rust
  • Can handle applications without the use of grease or oil
  • Resist chemical changes
  • Do not conduct electricity

Stainless Steel Bearings

  • Greater corrosion resistance than standard materials
  • Higher stability in high temperatures
  • Can be manufactured in a variety of metric or inch options

Thin Section Bearings

  • Multi-load capabilities
  • Lightweight and very compact
  • Shorter lead times than most other bearing solutions
  • All popular sized cross sections manufactured

A semiconductor fabrication plant requires significant investment. The equipment and facility it takes to produce semiconductors is expensive, and costs associated with application failure can make the process even more costly.

The right bearing supplies can help prevent these losses and allow your semiconductor manufacturing equipment to operate smoothly and without fear or contaminating your operation’s cleanroom during major processes like lithography, deposition, etching, diffusion, ion implantations, and metrology. We supply businesses with specially-designed bearing solutions for many front-end or back-end semiconductor manufacturing applications, including:

  • Thermal Processing Equipment
  • Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Inspection Measurement
  • Assembly and Packaging Equipment
  • SOC & Logic Test Equipment
  • Memory Test Equipment
  • Handlers
  • Probe Equipment
  • Other Test Related Equipment

Ritbearing has partnerships with bearing manufacturers all over the world to supply businesses with the right bearing solutions for their applications. We offer a variety of bearing solutions for semiconductor manufacturing equipment from an assortment of brands to make sure that we provide only quality products designed for your individual needs. These manufacturers include:



  • Thin section bearings
  • Bearing specials 

SMT - Japan

  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Double row bearings
  • Bearing specials

JNS - Japan

  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Mini cam followers 

Iraundi - Spain

  • Crossed roller bearings

Kashima - Japan

  • Plastic bearings made in a variety of plastic materials
  • Radial, Thrust, Angular Contact types
  • Self-Aligning, Miniature, Plain and Custom types available