SSB: Slim Section Bearings, Inc.

Slim Section Bearings, Inc. is the manufacturing division of Ritbearing Corp. With experience in manufacturing that began in 1987, we are able to give our customers the ability to obtain American-made thin section bearing products. This includes standard production bearings and customized solutions.


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SSB brand products are currently offered up to 20" bore. Precision grades in ABEC 1 and ABEC 3 are currently offered. Our materials are procured in the USA. SSB brand products are DFARS compliant with certifications for all components kept on file.

Ring materials available for production include: 52100 chrome steel, 440-C stainless steel, XD15NW Stainless, M-50 tool steel and 300 series stainless steel.

Thin bearings can be produced in both inch and metric dimensions. We can offer you solutions based on our wide range of application experience.

Slim Section Bearings, Inc. refurbishes bearings to give the customer exceptional cost savings when needed. Inspection services are offered on both thin section bearings and slewing ring style bearings. Once bearings are received, inspection can be completed normally in 7-10 business days. Free inspection of any manufacturers' bearings is offered. Detailed inspection reports can be presented to the customer, listing causes of failure and recommended bearing or application changes. The re-manufacturing process typically ranges from 6-8 weeks after customer approval. Re-manufactured product is warranted to be free from material defects for a one year period after shipment.

Your inquiries are welcome and will be responded to promptly.

Ritbearing Corp. Commercial & Government Entity Code (CAGE): 704Q7

Contact us today to request a quote - 800-431-1980

Made in the USA


  • Antenna mounts
  • Bottling equipment
  • Blow out protectors
  • Camera mounts
  • Converting equipment
  • X-ray equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Gear boxes
  • Gun Barrel mounts
  • Indexing tables
  • Instrument mounts
  • Labeling machines
  • Machine tools/ Lathe accessories
  • Medical equipment
  • Missile launchers
  • Oil well equipment
  • Optical equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Radar drives
  • Radar equipment
  • Robotics
  • Rotary actuators
  • Rotary pipe cutting equipment
  • Rotary polishing equipment
  • Rotary unions/ Rotary joints
  • Rotary welding equipment
  • Rotary work holding tables
  • Satellite antennas/ mounts
  • Security camera mounts
  • Sensors
  • Semi-conductor equipment
  • Slip rings
  • Telescope bases
  • Textile machinery
  • Tire production equipment
  • Truck mounted communication equipment
  • Wire handling equipment


RAA - 3/16 x 3/16
RA - 1/4 x 1/4
RA020CP0 KA020CP0 FPCA200 NBC5006 L10QA200 CSCA020
RA020XP0 KA020XP0 FPXA200 NBX5006 L18QA200 CSXA020
RA020AR0 KA020AR0 FPAA200 NBA5006 L15QA200 CSEA020
RA025CP0 KA025CP0 FPCA208 NBC6306 L10QA208 CSCA025
RA025XP0 KA025XP0 FPXA208 NBX6306 L18QA208 CSXA025
RA025AR0 KA025AR0 FPAA208 NBA6306 L15QA208 CSEA025
RA030CP0 KA030CP0 FPCA300 NBC7606 L10QA300 CSCA030
RA030XP0 KA030XP0 FPXA300 NBX7606 L18QA300 CSXA030
RA030AR0 KA030AR0 FPAA300 NBA7606 L15QA300 CSEA030
RA035CP0 KA035CP0 FPCA308 NBC8806 L10QA308 CSCA035
RA035XP0 KA035XP0 FPXA308 NBX8806 L18QA308 CSXA035
RA035AR0 KA035AR0 FPAA308 NBA8806 L15QA308 CSEA035
RA040CP0 KA040CP0 FPCA400 NBC10106 L10QA400 CSCA040
RA040XP0 KA040XP0 FPXA400 NBX10106 L18QA400 CSXA040
RA040AR0 KA040AR0 FPAA400 NBA10106 L15QA400 CSEA040
RA042CP0 KA042CP0 FPCA404 NBC10706 L10QA404 CSCA042
RA042XP0 KA042XP0 FPXA404 NBX10706 L18QA404 CSXA042
RA042AR0 KA042AR0 FPAA404 NBA10706 L15QA404 CSEA042
RA045CP0 KA045CP0 FPCA408 NBC11406 L10QA408 CSCA045
RA045XP0 KA045XP0 FPXA408 NBX11406 L18QA408 CSXA045
RA045AR0 KA045AR0 FPAA408 NBA11406 L15QA408 CSEA045
RA047CP0 KA047CP0 FPCA412 NBC12006 L10QA412 CSCA047
RA047XP0 KA047XP0 FPXA412 NBX12006 L18QA4012 CSXA047
RA047AR0 KA047AR0 FPAA412 NBA12006 L15QA4012 CSEA047
RA050CP0 KA050CP0 FPCA500 NBC12706 L10QA500 CSCA050
RA050XP0 KA050XP0 FPXA500 NBX12706 L18QA500 CSXA050
RA050AR0 KA050AR0 FPAA500 NBA12706 L15QA500 CSEA050
RA055CP0 KA055CP0 FPCA508 NBC13906 L10QA508 CSCA055
RA055XP0 KA055XP0 FPXA508 NBX13906 L18QA508 CSXA055
RA055AR0 KA055AR0 FPAA508 NBA13906 L15QA508 CSEA055
RA060CP0 KA060CP0 FPCA600 NBC 15206 L10QA600 CSCA060
RA060XP0 KA060XP0 FPXA600 NBX15206 L18QA600 CSXA060
RA060AR0 KA060AR0 FPAA600 NBA15206 L15QA600 CSEA060
RA065CP0 KA065CP0 FPCA608 NBC 16506 L10QA608 CSCA065
RA065XP0 KA065XP0 FPXA608 NBX16506 L18QA608 CSXA065
RA065AR0 KA065AR0 FPAA608 NBA16506 L15QA608 CSEA065
RA070CP0 KA070CP0 FPCA700 NBC 17706 L10QA700 CSCA070
RA070XP0 KA070XP0 FPXA700 NBX17706 L18QA700 CSXA070
RA070AR0 KA070AR0 FPAA700 NBA17706 L15QA700 CSEA070
RA075CP0 KA075CP0 FPCA708 X L10QA708 CSCA075
RA075XP0 KA075XP0 FPXA708 X L18QA708 CSXA075
RA075AR0 KA075AR0 FPAA708 X L15QA708 CSEA075
RA080CP0 KA080CP0 FPCA800 X L10QA800 CSCA080
RA080XP0 KA080XP0 FPXA800 X L18QA800 CSXA080
RA080AR0 KA080AR0 FPAA800 X L15QA800 CSEA080
RA090CP0 KA090CP0 FPCA900 X L10QA900 CSCA090
RA090XP0 KA090XP0 FPXA900 X L18QA900 CSXA090
RA090AR0 KA090AR0 FPAA900 X L15QA900 CSEA090
RA100CP0 KA100CP0 FPCA1000 X L10QA1000 CSCA100
RA100XP0 KA100XP0 FPXA1000 X L18QA1000 CSXA100
RA100AR0 KA100AR0 FPAA1000 X L15QA1000 CSEA100
RA110CP0 KA110CP0 FPCA1100 X L10QA1100 CSCA110
RA110XP0 KA110XP0 FPXA1100 X L18QA1000 CSXA110
RA110AR0 KA110AR0 FPAA1100 X L15QA1000 CSEA110
RA120CP0 KA120CP0 FPCA1200 X L10QA1200 CSCA120
RA120XP0 KA120XP0 FPXA1200 NBX30412 L18QA1200 CSXA120
RA120AR0 KA120AR0 FPAA1200 X L15QA1200 CSEA120
RA160CP0 KA160CP0 FPCA1600 X X X
RA160XP0 KA160XP0 FPXA1600 X X X
RA160AR0 KA160AR0 FPAA1600 X X X
RA180CP0 KA180CP0 FPCA1800 X X X
RA180XP0 KA180XP0 FPXA1800 X X X
RA180AR0 KA180AR0 FPAA1800 X X X
RA200CP0 KA200CP0 FPCA2000 X X X
RA200XP0 KA200XP0 FPXA2000 X X X
RA200AR0 KA200AR0 FPAA2000 X X X
RB - 5/16 x 5/16
RB020CP0 KB020CP0 FPCB200 NBC5007 L10RA200 CSCB020
RB020XP0 KB020XP0 FPXB200 NBX5007 L18RA200 CSXB020
RB020AR0 KB020AR0 FPAB200 NBA5007 L15RA200 CSEB020
RB025CP0 KB025CP0 FPCB208 NBC6307 L10RA208 CACB025
RB025XP0 KB025XP0 FPXB208 NBX6307 L18RA208 CSXB025
RB025AR0 KB025AR0 FPAB208 NBA6307 L15RA208 CSEB025
RB030CP0 KB030CP0 FPCB300 NBC7607 L10RA300 CACB030
RB030XP0 KB030XP0 FPXB300 NBX7607 L18RA300 CSXB030
RB030AR0 KB030AR0 FPAB300 NBA7607 L15RA300 CSEB030
RB035CP0 KB035CP0 FPCB308 NBC8807 L10RA308 CACB035
RB035XP0 KB035XP0 FPXB308 NBX8807 L18RA308 CSXB035
RB035AR0 KB035AR0 FPAB308 NBA8807 L15RA308 CSEB035
RB040CP0 KB040CP0 FPCB400 NBC10107 L10RA400 CACB040
RB040XP0 KB040XP0 FPXB400 NBX10107 L18RA400 CSXB040
RB040AR0 KB040AR0 FPAB400 NBA10107 L15RA400 CSEB040
RB042CP0 KB042CP0 FPCB404 NBC10707 L10RA404 CACB042
RB042XP0 KB042XP0 FPXB404 NBX10707 L18RA404 CSXB042
RB042AR0 KB042AR0 FPAB404 NBA10707 L15RA404 CSEB042
RB045CP0 KB045CP0 FPCB408 NBC11407 L10RA408 CACB045
RB045XP0 KB045XP0 FPXB408 NBX10407 L18RA408 CSXB045
RB045AR0 KB045AR0 FPAB408 NBA10407 L15RA408 CSEB045
RB047CP0 KB047CP0 FPCB412 NBC12007 L10RA412 CACB047
RB047XP0 KB047XP0 FPXB412 NBX12007 L18RA412 CSXB047
RB047AR0 KB047AR0 FPAB412 NBA12007 L15RA412 CSEB047
RB050CP0 KB050CP0 FPCB500 NBC12707 L10RA500 CACB050
RB050XP0 KB050XP0 FPXB500 NBX12707 L18RA500 CSXB050
RB050AR0 KB050AR0 FPAB500 NBA12707 L15RA500 CSEB050
RB055CP0 KB055CP0 FPCB508 NBC13907 L10RA508 CACB055
RB055XP0 KB055XP0 FPXB508 NBX13907 L18RA508 CSXB055
RB055AR0 KB055AR0 FPAB508 NBA13907 L15RA508 CSEB055
RB060CP0 KB060CP0 FPCB600 NBC 15207 L10RA600 CACB060
RB060XP0 KB060XP0 FPXB600 NBX15207 L18RA600 CSXB060
RB060AR0 KB060AR0 FPAB600 NBA15207 L15RA600 CSEB060
RB065CP0 KB065CP0 FPCB608 NBC 16507 L10RA608 CACB065
RB065XP0 KB065XP0 FPXB608 NBX16507 L18RA608 CSXB065
RB065AR0 KB065AR0 FPAB608 NBA16507 L15RA608 CSEB065
RB070CP0 KB070CP0 FPCB700 NBC 17707 L10RA700 X
RB070XP0 KB070XP0 FPXB700 NBX17707 L18RA700 X
RB070AR0 KB070AR0 FPAB700 NBA17707 L15RA700 X
RB075CP0 KB075CP0 FPCB708 X L10RA708 X
RB075XP0 KB075XP0 FPXB500 NBX19007 L18RA708 X
RB075AR0 KB075AR0 FPAB500 X L15RA708 X
RB080CP0 KB080CP0 FPCB800 X L10RA800 CACB080
RB080XP0 KB080XP0 FPXB800 NBX20307 L18RA800 CSXB080
RB080AR0 KB080AR0 FPAB800 X L15RA800 CSEB080
RB090CP0 KB090CP0 FPCB900 X L10RA900 CACB090
RB090XP0 KB090XP0 FPXB900 X L18RA900 CSXB090
RB090AR0 KB090AR0 FPAB900 X L15RA900 CSEB090
RB100CP0 KB100CP0 FPCB1000 X X X
RB100XP0 KB100XP0 FPXB1000 X X X
RB100AR0 KB100AR0 FPAB1000 X X X
RB110CP0 KB110CP0 FPCB1100 X X X
RB110XP0 KB110XP0 FPXB1100 X X X
RB110AR0 KB110AR0 FPAB1100 X X X
RB120CP0 KB120CP0 FPCB1200 X X X
RB120XP0 KB120XP0 FPXB1200 X X X
RB120AR0 KB120AR0 FPAB1200 X X X
RB140CP0 KB140CP0 FPCB1400 X X X
RB140XP0 KB140XP0 FPXB1400 X X X
RB140AR0 KB140AR0 FPAB1400 X X X
RB160CP0 KB160CP0 FPCB1600 X X X
RB160XP0 KB160XP0 FPXB1600 X X CSXB160
RB160AR0 KB160AR0 FPAB1600 X X X
RB180CP0 KB180CP0 FPCB1800 X X X
RB180XP0 KB180XP0 FPXB1800 X X X
RB180AR0 KB180AR0 FPAB1800 X X X
RB200CP0 KB200CP0 FPCB2000 X X X
RB200XP0 KB200XP0 FPXB2000 X X X
RB200AR0 KB200AR0 FPAB2000 X X X
RC - 3/8 x 3/8
RC040CP0 KC040CP0 FPCC400 NBC10109 L10SA400 CACC040
RC040XP0 KC040XP0 FPXC400 NBX10109 L18SA400 CSXC040
RC040AR0 KC040AR0 FPAC400 NBA10109 L15SA400 CSEC040
RC042CP0 KC042CP0 FPCC404 NBC10709 L10SA404 CACC042
RC042XP0 KC042XP0 FPXC404 NBX10709 L18SA404 CSXC042
RC042AR0 KC042AR0 FPAC404 NBA10709 L15SA404 CSEC042
RC045CP0 KC045CP0 FPCC408 NBC11409 L10SA408 CACC045
RC045XP0 KC045XP0 FPXC408 NBX10409 L18SA408 CSXC045
RC045AR0 KC045AR0 FPAC408 NBA10409 L15SA408 CSEC045
RC047CP0 KC047CP0 FPCC412 NBC12009 L10SA412 CACC047
RC047XP0 KC047XP0 FPXC412 NBX12009 L18SA412 CSXC047
RC047AR0 KC047AR0 FPAC412 NBA12009 L15SA412 CSEC047
RC050CP0 KC050CP0 FPCC500 NBC12709 L10SA500 CACC050
RC050XP0 KC050XP0 FPXC500 NBX12709 L18SA500 CSXC050
RC050AR0 KC050AR0 FPAC500 NBA12709 L15SA500 CSEC050
RC055CP0 KC055CP0 FPCC508 NBC13909 L10SA508 CACC055
RC055XP0 KC055XP0 FPXC508 NBX13909 L18SA508 CSXC055
RC055AR0 KC055AR0 FPAC508 NBA13909 L15SA508 CSEC055
RC060CP0 KC060CP0 FPCC600 NBC15209 L10SA600 CACC060
RC060XP0 KC060XP0 FPXC600 NBX15209 L18SA600 CSXC060
RC060AR0 KC060AR0 FPAC600 NBA15209 L15SA600 CSEC060
RC065CP0 KC065CP0 FPCC608 NBC16509 L10SA608 CACC065
RC065XP0 KC065XP0 FPXC608 NBX16509 L18SA608 CSXC065
RC065AR0 KC065AR0 FPAC608 NBA16509 L15SA608 CSEC065
RC070CP0 KC070CP0 FPCC700 NBC17709 L10SA700 CACC070
RC070XP0 KC070XP0 FPXC700 NBX17709 L18SA700 CSXC070
RC070AR0 KC070AR0 FPAC700 NBA17709 L15SA700 CSEC070
RC075CP0 KC075CP0 FPCC708 X L10SA708 CACC075
RC075XP0 KC075XP0 FPXC708 NBX19 L18SA700 CSXC075
RC075AR0 KC075AR0 FPAC708 X L15SA700 CSEC075
RC080CP0 KC080CP0 FPCC800 X L10SA800 CACC080
RC080XP0 KC080XP0 FPXC800 X L18S800 CSXC080
RC080AR0 KC080AR0 FPAC800 X L15SA800 CSEC080
RC090CP0 KC090CP0 FPCC900 X L10SA900 CACC090
RC090XP0 KC090XP0 FPXC900 NBX22 L18SA900 CSXC090
RC090AR0 KC090AR0 FPAC900 X L15SA900 CSEC090
RC100CP0 KC100CP0 FPCC1000 X L10SA1000 CACC100
RC100XP0 KC100XP0 FPXC1000 X L18SA1000 CSXC100
RC100AR0 KC100AR0 FPAC1000 X L15SA1000 CSEC100
RC110CP0 KC110CP0 FPCC1100 X L10SA1100 CACC110
RC110XP0 KC110XP0 FPXC1100 NBX27909 L18SA1100 CSXC110
RC11AR0 KC110AR0 FPAC1100 X L15SA1100 CSEC110
RC120XP0 KC120CP0 FPCC1200 X L10SA1200 CACC120
RC120XP0 KC120XP0 FPXC1200 X L18SA1200 CSXC120
RC120AR0 KC120AR0 FPAC1200 X L15SA1200 CSEC120
RC140CP0 KC140CP0 FPCC1400 X X X
RC140XP0 KC140XP0 FPXC1400 X X X
RC140AR0 KC140AR0 FPAC1400 X X X
RC160CP0 KD160CP0 FPCC1600 X X X
RC160XP0 KC160XP0 FPXC1600 X X CSXC160
RC160AR0 KC160AR0 FPAC1600 X X X
RC180CP0 KC180CP0 FPCC1800 X X X
RC180XP0 KC180XP0 FPXC1800 X X X
RC180AR0 KC180AR0 FPAC1800 X X X
RC200CP0 KC200CP0 FPCC2000 X X X
RC200XP0 KC200XP0 FPXC2000 X X X
RC200AR0 KC200AR0 FPAC2000 X X X
RD - 1/2 x 1/2
RD040CP0 KD040CP0 FPCD400 NBC10112 L10TA400 CSCD040
RD040XP0 KD040XP0 FPXD400 NBX10112 L18TA400 CSXD040
RD040AR0 KD040AR0 FPAD400 NBA10112 L15TA400 CSED040
RD042CP0 KD042CP0 FPCD404 NBC10712 L10TA404 CSCD042
RD042XP0 KD042XP0 FPXD404 NBX10712 L18TA404 CSXD042
RD042AR0 KD042AR0 FPAD404 NBA10712 L15TA404 CSED042
RD045CP0 KD045CP0 FPCD408 NBC11412 L10TA408 CSCD045
RD045XP0 KD045XP0 FPXD408 NBX10412 L18TA408 CSXD045
RD045AR0 KD045AR0 FPAD408 NBA10412 L15TA408 CSED045
RD047CP0 KD047CP0 FPCD412 NBC12012 L10TA412 CSCD047
RD047XP0 KD047XP0 FPXD412 NBX12012 L18TA412 CSXD047
RD047AR0 KD047AR0 FPAD412 NBA12012 L15TA412 CSED047
RD050CP0 KD050CP0 FPCD500 NBC12712 L10TA500 CSCD050
RD050XP0 KD050XP0 FPXD500 NBX12712 L18TA500 CSXD050
RD050AR0 KD050AR0 FPAD500 NBA12712 L15TA500 CSED050
RK055CP0 KD055CP0 FPCD508 NBC13912 L10TA508 CSCD055
RD055XP0 KD055XP0 FPXD508 NBX13912 L18TA508 CSXD055
RD055AR0 KD055AR0 FPAD508 NBA13912 L15TA508 CSED055
RD060CP0 KD060CP0 FPCD600 NBC15212 L10TA600 CSCD060
RD060XP0 KD060XP0 FPXD600 NBX15212 L18TA600 CSXD060
RD060AR0 KD060AR0 FPAD600 NBA15212 L15TA600 CSED060
RD065CP0 KD065CP0 FPCD608 NBC16512 L10TA608 CSCD065
RD065XP0 KD065XP0 FPXD608 NBX16512 L18TA608 CSXD065
RD065AR0 KD065AR0 FPAD608 NBA16512 L15TA608 CSED065
RD070CP0 KD070CP0 FPCD700 X L10TA700 CSCD070
RD070XP0 KD070XP0 FPXD700 NBX17712 L18TA700 CSXD070
RD070AR0 KD070AR0 FPAD700 X L15TA700 CSED070
RD075CP0 KD075CP0 FPCD708 X L10TA708 CSCD075
RD075XP0 KD075XP0 FPXD708 NBX19012 L18TA708 CSXD075
RD075AR0 KD075AR0 FPAD708 X L15TA708 CSED075
RD080CP0 KD080CP0 FPCD800 X L10TA800 CSCD080
RD080XP0 KD080XP0 FPXD800 NBX20312 L18TA800 CSXD080
RD080AR0 KD080AR0 FPAD800 X L15TA800 CSED080
RD090CP0 KD090CP0 FPCD900 X L10TA900 CSCD090
RD090XP0 KD090XP0 FPXD900 NBX22812 L18TA900 CSXD090
RD090AR0 KD090AR0 FPAD900 X L15TA900 CSED090
RD100CP0 KD100CP0 FPCD1000 X L10TA1000 CSCD100
RD100XP0 KD100XP0 FPXD1000 NBX25412 L18TA1000 CSXD100
RD100AR0 KD100AR0 FPAD1000 X L15TA1000 CSED100
RD110CP0 KD110CP0 FPCD1100 X L10TA1100 CSCD110
RD110XP0 KD110XP0 FPXD1100 NBX27912 L18TA1100 CSXD110
RD110AR0 KD110AR0 FPAD1100 X L15TA1100 CSED110
RD140CP0 KD140CPO FPCD1400 X X CSCD140
RD140XP0 KD140XP0 FPXD1400 NBX35512 L18TA1400 CSXD140
RD140AR0 KD140AR0 FPAD1400 X X CSED140
RF - 3/4/ x 3/4
RF040CP0 KF040CP0 FPCF 400 NBC10119 L10VA400 CSCF040
RF040XP0 KF040XP0 FPXF400 NBX10119 L18VA400 CSXF040
RF040AR0 KF040AR0 FPAF400 NBA10119 L15VA400 CSEF040
RF042CP0 KF042CP0 FPCF404 NBC10719 L10VA404 CSCF042
RF042XP0 KF042XP0 FPXF404 NBX10719 L18VA404 CSXF042
RF042AR0 KF042AR0 FPAF404 NBA10719 L15VA404 CSEF042
RF042CP0 KF045CP0 FPCF408 NBC11419 L10VA408 CSCF045
RF045XP0 KF045XP0 FPXF408 NBX10419 L18VA408 CSXF045
RF045AR0 KF045AR0 FPAF408 NBA10419 L15VA408 CSEF045
RF047CP0 KF047CP0 FPCF412 NBC12019 L10VA412 CSCF047
RF047XP0 KF047XP0 FPXF412 NBX12019 L18VA412 CSXF047
RF047AR0 KF047AR0 FPAF412 NBA12019 L15VA412 CSEF047
RF050CP0 KF050CP0 FPCF500 NBC12719 L10VA500 CSCF050
RF050XP0 KF050XP0 FPXF500 NBX12719 L18VA500 CSXF050
RF050AR0 KF050AR0 FPAF500 NBA12719 L15VA412 CSEF050
RF055CP0 KF055CP0 FPCF508 NBC13919 L10VA508 CSCF055
RF055XP0 KF055XP0 FPXF508 NBX13919 L18VA508 CSXF055
RF055AR0 KF055AR0 FPAF508 NBA13919 L15VA508 CSEF055
RF060CP0 KF060CP0 FPCF600 NBC15219 L10VA600 CSCF060
RF060XP0 KF060XP0 FPXF600 NBX15219 L18VA600 CSXF060
RF060AR0 KF060ARO FPAF600 NBA15219 L15VA600 CSEF060
RF065CP0 KF065CP0 FPCF608 NBC16519 L10VA608 CSCF065
RF065XP0 KF065XP0 FPXF608 NBX16519 L18VA608 CSXF065
RF065AR0 KF065AR0 FPAF608 NBA16519 L15VA608 CSEF065
RF070CP0 KF070CP0 FPCF700 NBC17719 L10VA700 CSCF070
RF070XP0 KF070XP0 FPXF700 NBX17719 L18VA700 CSXF070
RF070AR0 KF070AR0 FPAF700 NBA17719 L15VA700 CSEF070
RF075CP0 KF075CP0 FPCF708 NBC19019 L10VA708 CSCF075
RF075XP0 KF075XP0 FPXF708 NBX19019 L18VA708 CSXF075
RF075AR0 KF075AR0 FPAF708 NBA19019 L15VA708 CSEF075
RF080CP0 KF080CP0 FPCF800 NBC20319 L10VA800 CSCF080
RF080XP0 KF080XP0 FPXF800 NBX20319 L18VA800 CSXF080
RF080AR0 KF080AR0 FPAF800 NBA20319 L15VA800 CSEF080
RF090CP0 KF090CP0 FPCF900 NBC22819 L10VA900 CSCF090
RF090XP0 KF090XP0 FPXF900 NBX22819 L18VA900 CSXF090
RF090AR0 KF090AR0 FPAF900 NBA22819 L15VA900 CSEF090
RF100CP0 KF100CP0 FPCF1000 NBC25419 L10VA1000 CSCF100
RF100XP0 KF100XP0 FPXF1000 NBX25419 L18VA1000 CSXF100
RF100AR0 KF100AR0 FPAF1000 NBA25419 L15VA1000 CSEF100
RF110CP0 KF110CP0 FPCF1100 X L10VA1100 CSCF110
RF110XP0 KF110XP0 FPXF1100 NBX27919 L18VA1100 CSXF110
RF110AR0 KF110AR0 FPAF1100 X L15VA1100 CSEF110
RF120CP0 KF120CP0 FPCF1200 X L10VA1200 CSCF120
RF120XP0 KF120XP0 FPXF1200 NBX30419 L18VA1200 CSXF120
RF120AR0 KF120AR0 FPAF1200 X L15VA1200 CSEF120
RF160CP0 KF160CP0 FPCF1600 X X X
RF160XP0 KF160XP0 FPXF1600 X X X
RF160AR0 KF160AR0 FPAF1600 X X X
RF180CP0 KF180CP0 FPCF1800 X X X
RF180XP0 KF180XP0 FPXF1800 X X X
RF180AR0 KF180AR0 FPAF1800 X X X
RF200CP0 KF200CP0 FPCF2000 X X X
RF200XP0 KF200XP0 FPXF500 X X X
RF200AR0 KF200AR0 FPAF500 X X X
RG - 1 x 1
RG040CP0 KG040CP0 FPCG400 NBC 10125 X CSCG040
RG040XP0 KG040XP0 FPXG400 NBX10125 X CSXG040
RG040AR0 KG040AR0 FPAG400 NBA10125 X CSEG040
RG042CP0 KG042CP0 FPCG404 NBC10725 X CSCG042
RG042XP0 KG042XP0 FPXG404 NBX10725 X CSXG042
RG042AR0 KG042AR0 FPAG404 NBA10725 X CSEG042
RG045CP0 KG045CP0 FPCG408 NBC11425 X CSCG045
RG045XP0 KG045XP0 FPXG408 NBX10425 L18WA408 CSXG045
RG045AR0 KG045AR0 FPAG408 NBA10425 X CSEG045
RG047CP0 KG047CP0 FPCG412 NBC12025 X CSCG047
RG047XP0 KG047XP0 FPXG412 NBX12025 L18WA412 CSXG047
RG047AR0 KG047AR0 FPAG412 NBA12025 X CSEG047
RG050CP0 KG050CP0 FPCG500 NBC12725 L10WA500 CSCG050
RG050XP0 KG050XP0 FPXG500 NBX12725 L18WA500 CSXG050
RG050AR0 KG050AR0 FPAG500 NBA12725 X CSEG050
RG055CP0 KG055CP0 FPCG508 NBC13925 L10WA508 CSCG055
RG055XP0 KG055XP0 FPXG508 NBX13925 L18WA508 CSXG055
RG055AR0 KG055AR0 FPAG508 NBA13925 X CSEG055
RG060CP0 KG060CP0 FPCG600 NBC15225 L10WA600 CSCG060
RG060XP0 KG060XP0 FPXG600 NBX15225 L18WA600 CSXG060
RG060AR0 KG060AR0 FPAG600 NBA15225 L15WA600 CSEG060
RG065CP0 KG065CP0 FPCG608 NBC16525 L10WA608 CSCG065
RG065XP0 KG065XP0 FPXG608 NBX16525 L18WA608 CSXG065
RG065AR0 KG065AR0 FPAG608 NBA16525 L15WA608 CSEG065
RG070CP0 KG070CP0 FPCG700 NBC17725 L10WA700 CSCG070
RG070XP0 KG070XP0 FPXG700 NBX17725 L18WA700 CSXG70
RG070AR0 KG070AR0 FPAG700 NBA17725 L15WA700 CSEG70
RG075CP0 KG075CP0 FPCG708 NBC19025 L10WA708 CSCG075
RG075XP0 KG075XP0 FPXG708 NBX19025 L18WA708 CSXG075
RG075AR0 KG075AR0 FPAG708 NBA19025 L15WA708 CSEG075
RG080CP0 KG080CP0 FPCG800 NBC20325 L10WA800 CSCG080
RG080XP0 KG080XP0 FPXG800 NBX20325 L18WA800 CSXG080
RG080AR0 KG080AR0 FPAG800 NBA20325 L15WA800 CSEG080
RG090CP0 KG090CP0 FPCG900 NBC22825 L10WA900 CSCG090
RG090XP0 KG090XP0 FPXG900 NBX22825 L18WA900 CSXG090
RG090AR0 KG090AR0 FPAG900 NBA22827 L15WA900 CSEG092
RG100CP0 KG100CP0 FPCG1000 NBC25425 L10WA1000 CSCG100
RG100XP0 KG100XP0 FPXG1000 NBCX25425 L10WA1000 SCXG100
RG100AR0 KG100AR0 FPAG1000 NBA25425 L10WA1000 SCEG100
RG110CP0 KG110CP0 FPCG1100 NBC27925 L10WA1100 CSCG110
RG110XP0 KG110XP0 FPXG1100 NBX27925 L18WA1100 CSXG110
RG110AR0 KG110AR0 FPAG1100 NBA27925 L15WA1100 CSEG110
RG120CP0 KG120CP0 FPCG1200 NBC 30425 L10WA1200 CSCG120
RG120XP0 KG120XP0 FPXG1200 NBX 30425 L18WA1200 CSXG120
RG120AR0 KG120AR0 FPAG1200 NBA 30425 L15WA1200 CSEG120
RG140CP0 KG140CP0 FPCG1400 NBC35525 L10WA1400 CSCG140
RG140XP0 KG140XP0 FPXG1400 NBX35525 L18WA1400 CSXG140
RG140AR0 KG140AR0 FPAG1400 NBA35525 L15WA1400 CSEG140
RG160CP0 KG160CP0 FPCG1600 NBC40625 L10WA1600 CSCG160
RG160XP0 KG160XP0 FPXG1600 NBX40625 L18WA1600 CSXG162
RG160AR0 KG160AR0 FPAG1600 NBA40625 L15WA1600 CSEG160
RG180CP0 KG180CP0 FPCG1800 NBC45725 L10WA1800 CSCG180
RG180XP0 KG180XP0 FPXG1800 NBX45725 L18WA1800 CSXG180
RG180AR0 KG180AR0 FPAG1800 NBA45725 L15WA1800 CSEG180
RG200CP0 KG200CP0 FPCG2000 NBC50825 L10WA2000 CSCG200
RG200XP0 KG200XP0 FPXG2000 NBX50825 L18WA2000 CSXG200
RG200AR0 KG200AR0 FPAG2000 NBA50825 L15WA2000 CSEG200
RJU040CP0 JU040CP0 FPCU400-2RS1 X L10SG400.2RSD CSCU040.2RS
RJU040XP0 JU040XP0 FPXU400-2RS1 NBX10112DD L18SG400.2RSSD CSXU0402RS
RJU042CP0 JU042CP0 FPCU404-2RS1 X L10SG404.2RSD CSCU042.2RS
RJU042XP0 JU042XP0 FPXU404-2RS1 NBX10712DD L18SG404.2RSD X
RJU045CP0 JU045CP0 FPCU408-2RS1 X L10SG408.2RSD CSCU045.2RS
RJU045XP0 JU045XP0 FPXU408-2RS1 NBX11412DD L18SG408.2RSD CSXU0452RS
RJU047CP0 JU047CP0 FPCU412-2RS1 X L10SG412.2RSD CSCU047.2RS
RJU047XP0 JU047XP0 FPXU412-2RS1 NBX12012DD L18SG412.2RSD CSXU0472RS
RJU050CP0 JU050CP0 FPCU500-2RS1 X L10SG500.2RSD CSCU050.2RS
RJU050XP0 JU050XP0 FPXU500-2RS1 NBX12712DD L18SG500.2RSD CSXU050.2RS
RJU055CP0 JU055CP0 FPCU508-2RS1 X L10SG508.2RSD CSCU055.2RS
RJU055XP0 JU055XP0 FPXU508-2RS1 NBX13912DD L18SG508.2RSD CSXU055.2RS
RJU060CP0 JU060CP0 FPCU600-2RS1 X L10SG600.2RSD CSCU060.2RS
RJU060XP0 JU060XP0 FPXU600-2RS1 NBX15212DD L18SG600.2RSD CSXU060.2RS
RJU065CP0 JU065CP0 FPCU608-2RS1 X L10SG608.2RSD CSCU065.2RS
RJU065XP0 JU065XP0 FPXU608-2RS1 NBX16512DD L18SG608.2RSD CSXU065.2RS
RJU070CP0 JU070CP0 FPCU700-2RS1 X L10SG700.2RSD CSCU070.2RS
RJU070XP0 JU070XP0 FPXU700-2RS1 NBX17512DD L18SG700.2RSD X
RJU075CP0 JU075CP0 FPCU708-2RS1 X L10SG708.2RSD CSCU075.2RS
RJU075XP0 JU075XP0 FPXU708-2RS1 NBX19012DD L18SG708.2RSD CSXU075.2RS
RJU080CP0 JU080CP0 FPCU800-2RS1 X L10SG800.2RSD CSCU080.2RS
RJU080XP0 JU080XP0 FPXU800-2RS1 NBX20312DD L18SG800.2RSD CSXU080.2RS
RJU090CP0 JU090CP0 FPCU900-2RS1 X L10SG900.2RSD CSCU090.2RS
RJU090XP0 JU090XP0 FPXU900-2RS1 NBX22812DD L18SG900.2RSD CSXU090.2RS
RJU100CP0 JU100CP0 FPCU1000-2RS1 X L10SG1000.2RSD CSCU100.2RS
RJU100XP0 JU100XP0 FPXU1000-2RS1 NBX25412DD L18SG1000.2RSD CSXU100.2RS
RJU110CP0 JU110CP0 FPCU1100-2RS1 X L10SG1100.2RSD CSCU110.2RS
RJU110XP0 JU110XP0 FPXU1100-2RS1 NBX27912DD L18SG1100.2RSD CSXU110.2RS
RJU120CP0 JU120CP0 FPCU1200-2RS1 X L10SG1200.2RSD X
RJU120XP0 JU120XP0 FPXU1200-2RS1 NBX30412DD L18SG1200.2RSD X
Customized slim section bearings from SSB.
A sketch of slim section bearings.
Sketches of thin section bearings, torque tube bearings from SSB.
SSB sketch of thin section bearings and slewing ring style bearings.

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