Meet The Manufacturer: NBR Bearings

by | Oct 19, 2019 | Bearing Solutions

As a premier bearing supplier, Ritbearing aims to provide the best parts for specific applications instead of merely offering basic solutions. However, that process involves finding and partnering with multiple bearing manufacturers around the world to supply a range of quality, specialized bearings. Each bearing manufacturer has certain strengths for varying industries or application needs, such as China’s NBR bearings.


NBR (also known as the Xiamen NBR Bearing Company) was originally established in China as Naser Roun Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1975. Eventually the company adopted the NBR name as it grew to provide a variety of bearing supplies to worldwide markets. These days, NBR maintains ISO 9001 certification and provides a range of quality bearing parts. Among these, NBR’s mounted units and bearing inserts are in demand, along with parts from the following series:


Given the variety of parts series, NBR is used for a variety of applications. NBR’s strong research and development team continues to add more value to NBR bearings, providing quality supplies that are suitable for several markets, such as the following industries:


As a primary importer of NBR bearings, Ritbearing can work with you to determine if an NBR part is right for your exact needs. Our experts can help you identify which bearings are best suited for your performance and budgetary needs, whether your design requires a standard option or a custom-engineered bearing.

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