Formed in 1989, LI-BE is one of Italy's premier manufacturers of combination bearings, full compliment cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller (metric) bearings, tension leveler bearings, and others. Ritbearing is one of the primary importers of LI-BE products in the U.S. and can help you get the right parts for your applications.


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Full Compliment Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Other Products from LI-BE

  • Located in Piacenza, Italy
  • Main factory was founded in 1989
  • 15,000 square meter production facility
  • Monthly output of 50,000 bearings
  • 72 full-time employees
  • Grinding & Turning takes place in house
  • Rollers, cages, and seals are purchased from European sources
  • Roughness testing, profile measurement, and roundness inspection all done in-house.
  • Magna Flux crack inspection capability

Series Highlights

Steel Industry

  • MRSC 0012-0050 (Back Up Roller for Tension Leveler)
  • MRS 1240-1234 (Chain Pulley Bearings)
  • MCF1800, MCF2200, MCF2300, MCF2900, MCF3000 (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings)
  • MRCF4900, MRCF5000 (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings)
  • MCR4800, MCR4900 (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings)
  • MRCL4800, MRCL4900 (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings)
  • MRC119, MRCL149, MRC129, MRCL159 (Multi Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing)
  • MRC139, MRCL169 (Multi Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing)
  • MRF, MRF 2RS, MRF ZZ (Sealed/ Shielded Multi Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing)
  • R0132- R0201 (Supporting Rollers)
  • Z Mill Bearings

Machine Tool Industry

  • SEL/F, SEL/N (Axial Angular Contact Ball Bearings)
  • SEL/Z, SEL/ZL, SEL/ZF, SEL/ZFL (Axial Cylindrical/ Needle Roller Bearings)
  • SEL/Y (Axial Radial Bearings)

Material Handling Industry

  • MR, KRES, MRG (Combination Bearings)
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Full compliment cylindrical roller bearings manufactured by LI-BE.
A man working on bearings, such as combination bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.

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