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Image of a thin section bearing from SSB Bearings.

Meet the Manufacturer: SSB Bearings

When it comes to the design of an application, size matters. Certain equipment and machinery require bearing solutions that place an emphasis on high accuracy and low friction without taking up too much space. While that may seem like a lot to ask, SSB Bearings has just the products for you.

What are SSB Bearings?

SSB stands for Slim Section Bearings, which are also known as thin section bearings. No matter the name, these products are designed with a compact design and minimal weight to fit where other types of bearings won’t.

While Ritbearing works with companies across the world to provide a variety of quality bearing solutions, SSB Bearings is based in the U.S. In addition to using materials procured in the States, SSB also provides customers with other services, such as refurbishing and inspecting both thin section and slewing ring bearings. SSB is also DFARS compliant with certifications for all components kept on file.

Who Can Use Them?

Thanks to the special capabilities of thin section bearings, there are a lot of businesses that can benefit from using them, including:

  • Food Processing
  • Medical
  • Machine Tool
  • Satellite
  • Packaging
  • Robotics
  • Military Turrets
  • Material Handling
  • Textile Machinery
  • Optical Equipment

Essentially, if you need a compact design and a high level of performance, SSB Bearings are a natural fit. Even better, the manufacture of thin section bearings can accommodate shorter turnaround times. That means that if you need thin section bearings soon, SSB Bearings can get you the products you want faster than with other typical types of bearings.

Get Your Own SSB Bearings

Whether you need a standard thin section bearing or a custom-designed solution for your particular applications, Ritbearing can help. SSB Bearings come in both inch an metric dimensions and can be modified to your specifications. Contact us today to order your own SSB bearings through Ritbearing or to talk with one of our experts about how SSB Bearings can best serve your business.