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Image of Kashima’s plastic bearings.

Meet the Manufacturer: Kashima Bearings

The right type of bearing can make a world of difference for your operation. Choosing the right style or material can help your applications run smoothly and effectively, which means finding the right manufacturer can be key to ordering the best bearing supplies for your business. If you’re in need of plastic bearings, Kashima can help.

What are Kashima Bearings?

Kashima Bearings, Inc. is a Japanese manufacturer that started making plastic products in 1961. Over the decades, Kashima specialized in the production of a wide variety of plastic bearings supplies. These include:

  • Single-row deep groove plastic ball bearings
  • Thrust plastic ball bearings
  • Angular contact plastic ball bearings
  • Self-aligning plastic ball bearings
  • Miniature plastic ball bearings

While some plastic bearing manufacturers create their products through plastic injection molding, Kashima’s use special techniques to machine-craft their plastic bearing supplies. This allows them to ensure a higher quality product that is more durable and functional for even the most demanding applications.

Who Can Use Them?

Due to their material, plastic bearings are a natural fit for a variety of applications in dry, water-lubricated, high-temperature, and chemical environments. Plastic bearings boast a natural resistance to both chemicals and corrosion and can come with either rust-proof stainless steel or ceramic balls depending on the application. Kashima’s plastic bearings also don’t require grease lubricants, which makes them suitable for use around food or medical applications. In addition, the plastic build can act as an insulator in electrical devices and is safe for use in magnetic applications.

Get Your Own Kashima Bearings

Plastic bearings offer a variety of benefits over traditional steel or other metal bearing products. As an official supplier of Kashima Bearings, Ritbearing can provide you with either standard plastic bearing supplies or work with you to order a custom design made specifically for your applications. Contact us today to get the plastic bearings you need for your business.