LI-BE Updated Steel Mill Offerings to Reduce Bearing Cost

by | May 2, 2023 | Bearing Solutions

LI-BE has continued to remain a front-runner in bearing production for the steel industry for many years. Recently, LI-BE has focused on tackling the issue of costly production and the limited lifespan of specialized bearings. Now, they have developed an improved design and production process for bearings, greatly extending their usability and reducing maintenance resources. 

The Bearing Problem

Although specialized bearings are essential in the steel industry, they can also cause costly problems that can be a drain on company and production plant resources. LI-BE’s advanced engineering and design team has improved the bearing production process to increase the average bearing lifespan up to 20%. 



All bearing production is conducted at LI-BE’s Italian facility location where the entire bearing production process is monitored using management software that provides real-time progress and quality tracking. 

LI-BE utilizes Digital Twin technology to fully understand the pressure and loads placed on bearings. This revolutionary technological process allows designers and engineers to analyze individual bearings, and then use CAM systems to understand 3D models and create the best tool paths for a variety of bearing production machines including lathes, milling machines, and 3D measuring machines to ensure the tightest tolerances and design specifications. 

During the bearing design and analysis phase, 4 main bearing components are investigated and considered including:

  • The Elastic Outer Ring
  • Contact Pressure Local Analysis
  • Load Spectrum Analysis
  • Shaft Deflection

Once a bearing’s load expectations, custom characteristics, and unique application uses are understood, an improved bearing design is created and then moved into the production process. 


Controlled production phases are essential in maintaining a high quality product. There is a controlled, 4 step process that is used to create bearings:

  • Turning and Milling
  • Grinding
  • Quality
  • Isotropic Finishing

During the turning and milling bearing production phase, LI-BE machine operators use specialized CAM technology to control CNC machines, ensuring each bearing created is identical to others in the product run. 

Next, the rough bearing part moves into the grinding phase where the inner diameter, outer diameter, and faces are machined to specifications. LI-BE has the machine capabilities to create diameters from 20mm-1250mm. 

Once the bearing is through the machining steps, it is then subjected to rigorous quality inspection tests. These quality steps are conducted in a controlled environment using 3D measurement machines and technology to ensure the machining steps create the correct dimensions for the bearing. 

In the final step, LI-BE provides isotropic finishing to bearings with steel work applications. Research has shown that isotropic finishing on bearings improves their efficiency, minimizes resistance torque and energy loss, and increases their strength under load. 

Ritbearing Corp. is proud to represent and partner with LI-BE to offer our customers superior, custom bearings. We can source the highest quality bearing for your unique application to fit your budget requirements. 

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