Its You, Not Me: When to End Your Bearing Supplier Relationship

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Bearing Solutions, Market Applications, Why Choose Ritbearing

When you first partnered with your bearing supplier, your relationship was great. You couldn’t stop contacting each other. Both sent emails back and forth, they asked all kinds of questions about your company, your bearing needs and spoke of all the things you would do together. Then the relationship changed. Your phone messages went unanswered, they stopped making any effort to help you and any talk of the future is, well, a thing of the past.


If you are dealing with a big bearing manufacturer, you have probably experienced this change in your relationship. The focus on your bearing needs was gone as soon as you signed the order form. Talk about feeling used. Unfortunately, most companies do not realize there is a better bearing supplier option and continue to put up with having their needs ignored.


A new Ritbearing customer recently went through the break-up process with an old bearing supplier because their concerns were not being treated as a priority. The customer manufactures agricultural equipment, such as grain hopper trailers. This type of trailer relies heavily on the quality of the bearings for durable, smooth performance out in the field.


The trailer manufacturer needed bearings that would make the trailer door easy to lift while also being able to create a tight seal when closed to protect the cargo from exposure to any moisture. Additionally, the bearings needed to also be well-lubricated and resistant to freezing and locking up in cold temperatures.

Their supplier had been providing a standard double lip sealed design for their trailer designs. When using this bearing in the trailer design, the customer was finding water and other residue behind the rubber seal on the outer ring side. This problem put the quality of the customer’s trailer at risk.

Worst of all, their supplier was not responsive in providing an alternate solution.


Like any unhappy partner, the customer sought help elsewhere. After analyzing the situation and challenge, Ritbearing offered to change the seal design and advised that a new grease to be implemented in the bearing. Samples were produced and given to the customer to incorporate and test. The samples outperformed the major supplier’s product, one that was tailored specifically for use in the agricultural industry.

As they say, you have to go through the bad relationships to know when you find a good one. The same is true with your bearing supplier. If you find yourself in an unhappy relationship with your bearing supplier, there are companies like Ritbearing that value customer relationships and understand the importance of providing comprehensive service to maintain a healthy, happy partnership.

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