Four Gifts You Should Ask For This Year

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Tips and Advice

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start thinking up gift ideas for your friends and family, as well as items that you may want to put on your own list. Here are four cool gifts that any engineer would enjoy.


Instead of “World’s Greatest Dad” or “No. 1 Mom,” this “I’m an Engineer” mug lets the world know that an engineer is in the house. It also performs the important task of acting as a vessel for coffee, making it easy to help fuel your body for work days – or any day, really.


A little challenge can be a lot of fun. This mind-puzzle set gives you five historically-inspired brainteasers:

• Thomas Edison’s Light Filament

• Johannes Kepler’s Star

• Michael Faraday’s Magnetic Field

• Robert Stephenson’s Railway Sleepers

• Benjamin Franklin’s Kite

Not only will this set test how sharp your mind is with its conundrums, it will tell the tale of the various achievements these puzzles are based off of. It’s never a bad time to learn something new, especially if you can have fun in the process.


Instead of having to go out and get a new calendar each year, this perpetual calendar will give you the right date all of the time. Originally created for the Museum of Modern Art, the calendar works by using adjustable magnets to set the day and month. Once a new year comes around, you just start over, except without having to go out and get a new calendar.


The HexFlex Adventure Tool gives you a toolbox’s worth of uses that you can store on a keychain, including:

• Flathead Screwdriver

• No. 3 Phillips Screwdriver

• No. 2 Phillips Screwdriver

• 4 mm Allen Wrench

• 5 mm Allen Wrench

• 6 mm Allen Wrench

• Box Cutter

• ¼ inch End Wrench

• 5/16 inch End Wrench

• 10 mm End Wrench

• 7/16 inch End Wrench

• Bottle Opener

• 12 mm End Wrench

• ½ inch End Wrench

• 9/16 inch End Wrench

One gift, 15 tools. That’s a present that certainly doesn’t waste space.


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