APB Myonic

Formed in 2004, APB Myonic is one of Germany’s premier manufacturers of Full Compliment Cylindrical Roller bearings, Axial Cylindrical/ Needle Roller (metric) bearings, and others. Ritbearing is one of the primary importers of APB Myonic products in the US.

Full Compliment Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Other Products from APB Myonic

  • Capability up to 2000mm OD.
  • Products are manufactured and certified in Germany & Italy.
  • Offers the highest possible flexibility in manufacturing.
  • Product options include C2, C3, C4 and C5 internal clearances.
  • Offers thermal stabilization S0-S4 and special lubricants for low to high temperature environments.
  • High accuracy and corrosion protective products are available.

Series Highlights

Steel Industry

  • NNF130 - NNF190.2LSV (2 Row Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NNF200 – NNF260.2LSV (2 Row Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NNF300.2LSV (2 Row Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NNF5005.2LSV – NNF5060.2LSV (2 Row Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NCF1820.VX – NCF18/750.VX (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NCF2205.VX – NCF2244.VX (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearing)
  • NCF2912.VX – NCF29/750.VX (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NCF3005.VX – NCF30/560.VX (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NJG2305.VXH – NJG2352.VXH (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NNTR050-NNTR150 (Back Up Roller bearings)

Machine Tool Industry

  • AXZF, AXZN (Axial Cylindrical/ Needle Roller bearings)
  • AXRY (Axial Radial bearings)

Material Handling Industry

  • NNTR050-NNTR150 (Yoke Type Track Roller bearings)
  • 811.., 812.., (Axial Cylindrical bearings)

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