Formed in 2004, APB Myonic is one of Germany’s premier manufacturers of cylindrical roller bearings, axial cylindrical/ needle roller (metric) bearings, and others. Ritbearing is one of the primary importers of APB Myonic products in the U.S.


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Cylindrical Roller Bearings, back up roller bearings, and Other Products from APB Myonic

  • Capability up to 2000mm OD.
  • Products are manufactured and certified in Germany & Italy.
  • Offers the highest possible flexibility in manufacturing.
  • Product options include C2, C3, C4 and C5 internal clearances.
  • Offers thermal stabilization S0-S4 and special lubricants for low to high temperature environments.
  • High accuracy and corrosion protective products are available.

Series Highlights

Steel Industry

  • NNF130 - NNF190.2LSV (2 Row Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NNF200 – NNF260.2LSV (2 Row Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NNF300.2LSV (2 Row Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NNF5005.2LSV – NNF5060.2LSV (2 Row Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NCF1820.VX – NCF18/750.VX (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NCF2205.VX – NCF2244.VX (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearing)
  • NCF2912.VX – NCF29/750.VX (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NCF3005.VX – NCF30/560.VX (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NJG2305.VXH – NJG2352.VXH (Full Complement Cylindrical Roller bearings)
  • NNTR050-NNTR150 (Back Up Roller bearings)

Machine Tool Industry

  • AXZF, AXZN (Axial Cylindrical/ Needle Roller bearings)
  • AXRY (Axial Radial bearings)

Material Handling Industry

  • NNTR050-NNTR150 (Yoke Type Track Roller bearings)
  • 811.., 812.., (Axial Cylindrical bearings)
Image of cylindrical roller bearings and axial-radial bearings from APB.

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