Case Study #1002


Water Pump

Type of Bearing Used:

885586 soft shaft water pump bearing, also known as integral shafted bearings.


This bearing is used in many applications and with many shaft configurations. This requires the customer to machine the bearings to the proper size and configuration. These secondary operations are very costly and will take additional time to perform. Sometimes a misstep can cause scrap and additional cost.


Offer the customer a fully machined shafted bearing direct from the factory. Ritbearing offers custom machined bearings (that meet the customer's specifications) directly from the factory. Ritbearing engineers work with our customers to obtain the proper specifications and then work directly with the factory to ensure successful manufacturing of the bearings. Engineers will aid with the creation of prints or other guides.

Ritbearing can provide samples for approval prior to order placement. Once approved, a blanket order can be placed and inventory can be held for just in time delivery.

Please call your local Ritbearing representative for more information regarding your application.

Image of an integral shafted bearing used for a water pump. Water pump bearings.