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Slewing ring bearings offer flexibility for your design process.

What are Slewing Ring Bearings?

At Ritbearing, we provide a slew of ball and roller bearing options, with different products providing different specifications to give you a wide variety of choices for your applications. One of those options is the slewing ring bearing.



Features of Slewing Ring Bearings

If you’re looking for a bearing option that can handle large loads and be very flexible with product design, slewing ring bearings sound like an option for you. Our slewing ring bearings have a very high load carrying capability. In fact, they are able to accept combined loads, including axial, radial, and tilting movement.

When it comes to flexibility, slewing ring bearings give engineers options to choose from. These choices can make slewing ring bearings highly customizable. Here are some product specifications of slewing ring bearings:

• Size and location of bolt hole patterns can vary

• Can be provided with an internal or external gear

• Ball or crossed roller bearing design

• Single or two row ball bearing design available

• Lubrication holes are available

• Preloading options are available as well as variations in clearance

If those options aren’t enough for you, our engineers can work with you on further customization.

Applications for Slewing Ring Bearings

Given the load capacity and flexibility of slewing ring bearings, there are many markets that could use this style of bearing. Some of the applications that slewing ring bearings can help include:

• Wind Power

• Off-highway equipment

• Packaging machinery

• Robotics

• Cranes

• Drilling and mining

• Satellite equipment

Quality Bearing Solutions Through Ritbearing

It’s always good to have options. Our network of manufacturers allow you to pick and choose from several styles of ball and roller bearings, including the highly-flexible slewing ring bearing.

If you’re not sure about what style bearing best serves your needs, contact us to get in touch with one of our experienced engineers. Give us a call at 1-800-431-1980 or contact us online today to learn more about how slewing ring bearings, or one of our several other options, can help you.