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Plastic bearings for a variety of applications.

The Best Markets for Plastic Bearings

Sometimes metal just isn’t the right material for your application. Plastic bearings boast a variety of features that can make them a suitable bearing alternative to metal products. These features include:

  • Resistance to rust
  • Ability to operate without grease or oil
  • Resistance to chemical changes
  • No electrical conductivity

Each of these features can be hugely beneficial depending on the application. This is why businesses in a variety of markets invest in plastic bearings.

Markets that Benefit from Plastic Bearings

Food Processing

Plastic bearings can be extremely valuable in environments that involve food. Food processing applications can undergo regular washdowns, high humidity levels, and other conditions that can cause standard bearings to contaminate food products. Plastic bearings won’t rust or leak grease, which keeps food safe without sacrificing quality.


Like food processing, many medical applications need to operate in cleanroom conditions, which is a natural advantage of plastic bearings. They also run quietly without losing effectiveness, which is a major plus for any application in a medical setting.

Packaging Machinery

Packaging applications are yet another case where cleanliness is key. Rust, leaks, and other similar issues can create a dirty environment that can create problems for new packages. Plastic bearings can help packaging business avoid these complications.

Pumps and Compressors

Bearings for pumps and compressors need to be able to last a long time. That can be tricky because these applications are typically located in extreme environments that can create rust and corrosion that deteriorates parts over time. Plastic materials can withstand these conditions, resulting in a longer-lasting product that a standard bearing.


Robotics applications are often subjected to extreme or new conditions. This means that robotics bearings also need to withstand these scenarios, which can include vacuum conditions or extreme environments. Plastic bearings are non-magnetic, non-corrosive, and lubricant-free, which gives robotics engineers more flexibility for their applications.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Semiconductors are very sensitive, so manufacturing equipment needs to be designed to help protect these parts. Plastic bearings do not conduct electricity and resist corrosion, which are key ways to prevent semiconductors from becoming damaged during the manufacturing process.

Find the Right Plastic Bearings for Your Applications

Do plastic bearings sound like the right fit for your needs? Ritbearing offers a wide variety of plastic bearings and can help you find a suitable style or work with you on a custom design for your specific application. Contact us today to get the plastic bearings you need for your business.