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The Benefits of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are among the most widely used type of bearing in the world. They can operate at high speeds and can carry radial and (limited) axial loads. They are commonly used in electric motors, compressors, fans, and conveyors.

What are the benefits of deep groove ball bearings?

  • Versatility – because they can carry radial and axial loads, they have a wider range of applications for many industries
  • Cost savings – deep groove ball bearings create less friction torque. This lowers operating temperature (which extends the life of the bearing) and reduces energy cost of running equipment (such as conveyor belts).
  • Less upkeep – because of their simple design, low operating temperature, and low friction, deep groove ball bearings have a longer expected shelf life than other bearings. They do not require additional lubrication after installation, which also means less maintenance downtime.

What industries use deep groove ball bearings?

Many industries benefit from the use of deep groove ball bearings:

Who Manufactures Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

Many companies manufacture deep groove ball bearings. Ritbearing has developed relationships with 13 of the best deep groove ball bearing manufacturers in the world to ensure that our customers can find the right bearing for their application. Even if you have a need for custom-engineered bearings, give us a call at 770-385-6366. Our Engineering team can come up with a solution for you.