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Stainless steel cam followers from JNS.

The Advantages of Mini Cam Followers for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

As the semiconductor manufacturing industry grows, so does the need for quality parts to ensure efficient production. Mini cam followers are a bit different from a standard roller bearing. These parts feature a rigid shaft with a built-in needle roller bearing, which offers some special benefits for semiconductor equipment manufacturing and other applications.

Why Mini Cam Followers are Great for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Bearing Size

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment doesn’t always allow for a lot of space, so the parts used in these applications need to balance performance with space constrains. The benefit of miniature cam followers is right there in the name. These parts may be small, but they don’t lack in ability, as they are able to perform to expectations without taking up too much room or being too heavy.

Load Capacity

Miniature cam followers can handle greater loads than their size might suggest. Thanks to their extra thick outer ring and the addition of a shaft, mini cam followers can handle heavy radial loads and intermittent shock loads. In addition, the use of a soft-core stud allows for these parts to handle extreme shock without as much risk for part fracture. That’s a lot of performance packed into one small package.

Stainless Steel Options

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment requires more than just size and strength for their parts. Bearing supplies for these applications typically need to be offer some form of corrosion resistance, as rust and other harmful particles can cause serious issues for both the applications and the semiconductors they manufacture. Mini cam followers can be made with stainless steel to prevent corrosion issues in demanding areas.

Mini Cam Follower Supplier

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment is expensive. Application failure is a serious issue that must be avoided at all costs, which is why it’s crucial to invest in parts that can handle your applications’ needs and allow them to perform as efficiently as possible.

That’s why Ritbearing offers a wide variety of quality bearing supplies, including JNS mini cam followers and SSB thin section bearings available in both standard and special dimensions. Our experts can work with you to determine which bearing supplies are right for both your applications and your budget, whether that calls for readily-available parts or a custom-engineered solution. Contact us to talk to one of our experts today about your bearing needs.

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