Six Reasons Why You May Choose Plastic Bearings

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Bearing Solutions

Metal isn’t the only material suited for bearings. Plastic is a very versatile material that can offer some key advantages for applications in many different markets. Should you consider investing in plastic bearings for your business? Here are six reasons why plastic bearings can be the right choice for your applications.


Plastic is notably lighter than the metals used for bearings. Not only does this lower the total weight of a finished component, it also means lowers the amount of power it takes to run an application. Over time, this weight difference can lead to some notable energy savings compared to what you’d see with a normal metal part.


As one of the most common causes of bearing failure, corrosion is a serious problem for many businesses. Unlike metal, plastic can offer resistances to chemicals, water, and other substances that would can standard metal materials to corrode, allowing them to run efficiently for longer in destructive environments.


While steel and other materials often require lubrication, plastic bearings offer greater abrasion resistance and build up less heat over time. This means that plastic bearings can be used without lubricants, which can be important for business with applications that operate in clean room conditions, such as the food processing and medical industries.


While metals may grind against each other, plastic is better suited for shock absorption. This property allows plastic bearings to run more quietly than standard bearing products, which can be very important for applications that need to as silent as possible.


If plastic bearings are made with ceramic balls or other non-metal parts, they can be completely non-magnetic and feature electrical non-conductivity. This is a major benefit to applications found in semiconductor equipment manufacturing and other industries with sensitive electronic components.


Thanks to special resistances and a lack of lubrication, plastic bearings can operate efficiently for a long time without as much regular maintenance as other bearing options. This saves you time in the long run, especially for applications that are difficult to take apart to check on internal parts.


It’s important to find the right bearing solutions for your applications. Even if you’ve identified that plastic bearings are a good fit for your needs, you still need to identify exactly which plastic bearings make the most sense for your designs.

At Ritbearing, we can work with you to determine a solution that fits the needs of your applications and your budget. We supply businesses with quality plastic bearings from Kashima Bearings that can be customized for your designs. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about bearing solutions for your business.