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TPI bearings being manufactured.

Meet the Manufacturer: TPI Bearings

At Ritbearing, we search across the world to find the perfect bearing solutions for any scenario. By identifying and partnering with different bearing manufacturers, we can supply a variety of quality parts for different application needs. TPI Bearings from Taiwan is one of the partnerships.

TPI, also known as Tung Pei Industrial Co., Ltd., was established in 1966. The company focuses on three main concepts—"Optimism, Confidence, and Innovation"—when it manufactures products. This process gives TPI a mindset where the company looks beyond simply producing basic parts to try and understand the “why” behind each bearing. These days, TPI produces roughly 13 million pieces per month, even with strict production standards.

What are TPI Bearings?

TPI is Taiwan’s premier precision bearing factory. Due to its mindset of innovation, strict quality control systems, and highly-precise production techniques, TPI aims to produce bearings with zero defects. These products can come in many forms:

Each of these products come with a variety of options, such as different OD sizes, closures, ball types, and seals. In addition, all TPI products meet GS, ISO, JIS, CNS requirements.

Who Can Use Them?

Given the production process and “zero defects” goal, TPI is a natural fit for any applications that demand precision bearings. These markets include:

Invest in TPI Bearings

If TPI sounds like a potential fit for your bearing needs, Ritbearing can help. As a U.S. distributor for TPI, we can work with you to determine if TPI bearings make sense for your applications or if there’s another custom bearing solution that better fits your needs and budget.

When it’s time to invest in the best bearings for your business, just let us know. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about your bearing needs and we can get to work on a solution.