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Image of P&N bearings, including spiral groove bearings.

Meet the Manufacturer: P&N Bearings

Finding the right bearing manufacturer can be the difference between using a substandard option for your applications and parts that are specifically designed for your needs. When you’re feeling the heat to find the right bearings for your applications, P&N Bearings might be what you need.

What are P&N Bearings?

P&N is based in Velbert, Germany and was founded in 1993. In the decades since P&N formed, the company has sought to solve specific bearing problems in equipment, such as for table rolls where high shock loads commonly occur. This commitment has led to the manufacture of a variety of high-quality bearing products, including:

P&N manufactures its spiral bearings from spring strip steel, which is less temperature sensitive than typical ball bearing steel. This makes them a better fit for higher temperature applications.

Who Can Use Them?

If you’re in the steel mill or steel service industry, P&N is a natural fit for your applications. The heat resistance for their standard spiral roller bearings is 350 degrees Celsius and P&N has experience working with applications where the temperature can reach up to 900 degrees Celsius. Thanks to our relationship with P&N, we can provide their bearings to steel mill facilities and service companies across North America, Central America, South America, and Europe.

Get Your Own P&N Bearings

As the primary importer of P&N bearing products in the U.S., we can provide you with the right bearing solutions for your steel mill applications. We can work with P&N to design you a custom-engineered bearing based on your specifications or help you find an available option that is better-suited for your applications. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about P&N bearings to get a quote for the parts you need.

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