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The Bearing 411

A selection of IJK bearings.

Meet the Manufacturer: IJK Bearings

Ritbearing aims to find the best bearing solutions for your specific needs. Sometimes that means developing a special relationship with top bearing manufacturers that are on the other side of the globe.

IJK Bearings, a well-known manufacturer in Japan, is one of those relationships. Also known as Inoue Jikuuke Kogyo, IJK was formed in 1944 and has grown to produce 5 million pieces each month. In the decades since its foundation, IJK has become known for providing both standard bearing options and special solutions to niche applications without compromising on quality.

What are IJK Bearings?

IJK can offer a variety of quality components thanks to its three locations and two production facilities in Japan. IJK can handle bearing needs for a wide range of industries, such as those for aircraft, printing machinery, subway doors, electric appliances, and many more. IJKs selection of bearing options include:

Who Can Use Them?

If you have a specialized use or purpose for your bearings, IJK is a natural partner. IJK has made it a priority to provide custom-engineered bearings that satisfy specific customer needs. To do this, IJK has continuously invested in sophisticated technologies in order to offer high-precision and high-quality bearing products.

Invest in IJK Bearings

While you may know that your application requires specialized parts, it can be hard to find a good bearing supplier that can work with you to make sure you get the best products for your needs. Ritbearing offers quality bearings that are hand-picked from the best manufacturers around the world, including IJK. In addition, we can work with you to help custom engineer a bearing solution to make sure that you get a part designed exactly for your needs.

Whether you know which bearings you need or want to talk to one of our experts to narrow down your options, Ritbearing can help. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about bearings for your applications.