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Ritbearing Products

Bearing Inserts

Ritbearing supplies a wide range of bearing inserts and bearing housing units along with custom engineered bearing solutions for unique applications

Ritbearing supplies bearing inserts and bearing housing options to accommodate various mounted unit applications. Custom flanges, bolt hole patterns or specialized bearing inserts are available.

Our Partners

Ritbearing works with the following manufacturers to supply the best bearing inserts to our customers:

Bearing Insert Features

  • Bearings are easily regressed with Zerk fitting.
  • Can carry more load than standard single row or double row radial ball bearings.
  • Housing can be made from a variety of materials- cast iron, thermoplastic, pressed steel or stainless steel.
  • Bearings can be provided with an anti-rotation pin. This will further reduce the rotation of the outside diameter of the bearing.

Product Specifications

  • Insert bearings can be made in 52100 chrome steel or 440 stainless steel.
  • A variety of options to lock the bearing onto the shaft include: set screw locking collar, eccentric locking collar or a squeeze style collar.
  • For normal applications, a Buna seal with a metal shroud shield is provided. For harsh environment applications, triple lip seals can be provided.
  • Food grade greases can be made available upon request.

Common models of bearing inserts available through Ritbearing include UC200 Series, HC200 Series, SA200 Series, SB200 Series, ER Series SUC200.

Common models of bearing housing units available through Ritbearing include UCF200 Series, UCFL200 Series, UCP200 Series, UCTB200 Series, UCFC200 Series, SUCSF200 Series, SUCSFL200 Series, SUCSP200 Series, SUCSPA200 Series, SUCTF200 Series, SUCTFL200 Series, SUCTP200 Series, SUCTPA200 Series, SUC200 Series

Custom engineered bearing inserts and housing are available, contact Ritbearing for design and quoting assistance.


Bearing inserts can be used in many different applications, including:

  • Agricultural
  • Food Processing
  • Material Handling
  • Printing

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