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Ritbearing Manufacturers


Image of LI-BE bearing factory located in Italy

Image of LI-BE / S4m cylindrical roller bearings

LI-BE/ S4M Bearing Factory

  • Located in Piacena, Italy
  • Main factory was founded in 1989
  • 15,000 square meter production facility
  • Monthly output of 50,000 bearings
  • 72 full time employees


  • Grinding takes place in house
  • Turning takes place in house
  • Hardening takes place outside of the factory


Rollers: Purchased from qualified sources in Italy and Germany. Source provides to many of the industry leaders throughout Europe.

Cages: Special cages, such as brass are produced in-house. Standard production cages are purchased from Italian and German sources.

Seals: Purchased from well known Italian manufacturers.

Quality Control:

  • Roughness testing, profile measurement, and roundness inspection all done in-house.
  • Magna Flux crack inspection capability.
  • Hardness testing done in-house.


Steel Industry

  • Back Up Roller for Tension Leveler
  • Chain Pulley Bearings
  • Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings
  • Multi-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings
  • Supporting Rollers
  • Z Mill Bearings

Machine Tool Industry

  • Axial Angular Contact Ball Bearings
  • Axial Cylindrical/ Needle Roller Bearings
  • Axial Radial Bearings

Material Handling Industry

  • Combination Bearings/ Rail
  • Linear Cage Needle Roller Bearings
  • Yoke Type Track Roller
  • Stud Type Track Roller Bearings

Catalog Download

LIBE/S4M - Italy General Catalog (PDF, 5.4MB)
LIBE/S4M - Italy Full Complement Catalog (PDF, 7.5MB)
LIBE/S4M - Multi Row Cylindrical Catalog (PDF, 5.2MB)
LIBE/S4M - Italy Single Row Cylindrical Catalog (PDF, 10.0MB)
LIBE/S4M Axial Radial Series (PDF, 417KB)

LIBE Videos

LIBE/S4M - Company Video Presentation
LIBE/S4M - Precision Bearing Video Presentation
LIBE/S4M - Steel Mill Bearing Video Presentation

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